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Ukrainian Georgian Lubricants (UG) – specializes in the manufacture of high-quality lubricants and oils of the widest range possible. Since its founding, the Company has been fully and entirely committed to the profound study and development of the production and quality control technologies for all of the products manufactured by it. Quality is the starting point of the Company’s business. We are confident that increasing the quality of the products will enhance customer loyalty to the brand. Owing to its wide range of manufactured products, UG Lubricants is capable of offering the optimal product for each area of application. The Company’s developments are aimed at providing the customer with an up-to-date lubricant, at the same time with the most responsible attitude to environmental issues, and as a result, unique products are created which ensure the best wear protection, extended periods of oil change and fuel saving. UG Lubricants is opened for co-operation with all the development oriented enterprises and organizations with an interest in assimilation and application of new lubricating materials.

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