New partnerships

Our company successfully expanded its supply of oils and lubricants, adding new countries to the list of partners! Now we work with companies based in Yemen and Cambodia, which has allowed us to increase our customer base and strengthen our position in the global market.

Cambodia is a fantastic country rich in culture and history. Here you can see the ancient temples of Angkor, included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Cambodia is also famous for its rich natural resources, including forests and fish stocks, developed textile industry, agriculture, and rubber production. Through cooperation with partners from Cambodia, we can share our experience and supply them with quality products to support the production and extraction of natural resources.

Yemen is known for its centuries-old history and traditional crafts. And among the most famous areas of the economy are oil and gas production, agriculture, the production of textiles, ceramics, silver and gold. We hope that our products will support the industry and the field of mining to contribute to the economic development and improvement of the life of the local population.

Now our products are demanded in more than 15 countries of the world and this is not the limit. UG Lubricants always strives to ensure that every partner or customer receives high-quality products and excellent service. Increasing the number of partner countries confirms this.

We thank all our partners and customers for trusting us. We promise to maintain a high level of quality, develop and grow together. Expand the range and increase the number of partners around the world. T

Thank you for your support and trust!

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